What I don’t get about life…

WARNING: The content of this blog is the result of a rant and rave. The words are cynical at times. Some things I say may not even be right and I’m sure can be justified in some way, but these are just things I’ve been thinking about and am really just spouting off. And I know I’m guilty of these things too and I don’t do everything right…I’m frustrated with myself often.

– How is it so easy to read the Bible…yet not do what it says? I think people really make it harder than it is, it’s really not that complex. Love God and love others and really everything else should just fall into place. What would life look like if we truly treated each person as if they were Christ? Life changing I would say…

– How can people see the pain of the world and just push it away and not let it affect them? I can’t even watch one of those support a child commercials without crying. There’s a line in the movie Hotel Rwanda where the Rwandans are saying well if they see the videos of what’s going on here people will want to help and will do something…then the journalist replies…no they’ll just see it say that’s awful and go on eating their dinner. That’s what happens…I hate that it’s so easy to become immersed in our own comfortable “easy” lives that we block out the pain and suffering of the world.

– Gossip. I know I can struggle with this as much as the next person and I hate it. Really when you think about it…who wants to be talked about behind their back, so why do we do it to other people? I hate that this is such an easy thing, especially for girls to fall back on in conversation and that it has become so casual.

– Money. I wish we could exist without it, but that’s difficult. I just wish we were better stewards of it. And really…some things really get me angry. Like how a professional baseball player won’t settle for a $24 million contract because he wants a $26 million one…what does he do that’s really beneficial that he should earn that much money? The other day there was a huge semi on campus advertising about a mission project going on in Peru to raise support for churches…how much support could they have given if they wouldn’t have rented that truck? Just sayin…

Again, forgive me…I know its cynical, but these are all things I’ve been struggling with and praying about for awhile among many other issues. I feel like God’s been answering my prayer to open my eyes to the world…I just need to figure out how to handle it I guess. I have a holy discontent and I plan on that leading to changes in my own life and not just being a person who is cynical about everything, because I know that’s not beneficial at all.


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