My summer sorta officially starts tomorrow. Me and Becca are off on our road trip to Colorado!!! I’m working at Camp Timberline until July 8th, then camping with the fam, and then hanging out in Seattle for awhile with Jake and Leah. I’m pumped about what my summer looks like but also a little nervous about the camp part. I just pray that I’ll be good at what I have to do and that God will use me where he sees fit. Prayer would be appreciated of course. I know God will work in me and through me and I’m excited about that and pray that my flesh doesn’t get in the way. I’m praying for all of you that read this also…since I’m pretty sure I know the six or seven of you that do…:)


2 thoughts on “Summer…

  1. Hey girl I hope you have a wonderful time at camp this summer! I’m going to miss having you home in our neighborhood 🙂 I’ll be praying for you girls while you drive out there and while you’re working!!

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