What a Summer…

I am currently sitting in the QCafe in Seattle and just thinking about how amazingly (is that a word?) blessed I have been by my summer. It has already been pretty incredible and I’m not sure how it could get much better. I was able to spend seven weeks in one of the most beautiful places ever and work with some pretty incredible people. I was stretched and God taught me so much through my experience at camp. I didn’t want to leave and loved the relationships I built and the experiences I was able to have through interacting with my campers.

I’m not gonna lie at times it was hard and I questioned often why I was there and what I was doing there, but through that God showed me that we are where he wants us to be and there was a reason for where I was. I never knew it was possible to love kids that much. I just prayed that God would give me his eyes to see and his love to love these kids with and he did. I was only with them for about a week each, but I cared about them and loved them in a way only God could have allowed me to. God surprised me over and over again with different encounters with people. One week we had a really difficult cabin and it wasn’t going very smoothly but then on the last day five of them accepted Christ into their lives for the first time…I never would have thought they even cared about what they were hearing, but one girl said before she went to pray…”I can’t wait to start my life with God” and just danced around. Or one 14 year old camper who came into camp not believing that God even existed and at the end of the week talking to her and she was able to say its okay to have doubts but now she really knows the Truth and that there is a God who cares about her. Those are the times I won’t forget.

As hard as it was to leave camp I got to go camping in the beautiful Grand Tetons with the family (minus Bets) and it that was a blast and now I’m chilling in Seattle with Jake, Leah and Em. Really things couldn’t get much better…

A couple pictures of Camp T:


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