Don’t Miss Out.

I feel like people are missing out. People that believe the only reason they are on earth and the only reason they choose to believe in Jesus is for what’s to come and to go to heaven. Don’t get me wrong…there is something to look forward to but you’re missing one of the most important parts of the story if all your beliefs revolve around getting to heaven.

We do have God’s kingdom and a new city to look forward to but what about that part that says your kingdom come, your will be done on Earth? We are here to be a part of God’s story and God’s kingdom here on earth NOW. We can bring glimpses of that here. The book Compassion says it well:
“In the new city, God will live among us, but each time two or three gather in the name of Jesus he is already in our midst. In the new city, all tears will be wiped away, but each time people eat bread and drink wine in his memory, smiles appear on strained faces. In the new city, the whole creation will be made new, but each time prison walls are broken down, poverty is dispelled, and wounds are carefully attended, the old earth is already giving way to the new. Through compassionate action, the old is not just old anymore and pain not just pain any longer. Although we are still waiting in expectation, the first signs of the new earth and the new heaven, which have been promised to us and for which we hope, are already visible in the community of faith where the compassionate God is revealed to us.” 
 “This is the foundation of our faith, the basis of our hope, and the source of our love.”

Why don’t we realize we have the opportunity now to be a part of bringing God’s kingdom here and giving glimpses of this new city to those around us. Let’s not forget the God we serve and that we are a part of a bigger story. We can’t just sit around thinking this world is just going to hell and there’s nothing we can do and just wait for heaven to come around, but realize the future has already begun and “its revealed each time strangers are welcomed, the naked are clothed, the sick and prisoners are visited, and oppression is overcome.”


3 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out.

  1. "compassionate action…" I love this.Such a good reminder! Why do we get out of bed? For us and our own agenda? Or for Him and His?Good stuff Abigail. Love you! Let's talk about this face to face SOON.Bec

  2. So good, Abby. I've been thinking a lot about this too–about what it REALLY means to be a Christian, not what we learned in Sunday school, not simply believing and going about our business. It takes a life lived radically different than what we see around us. Hmmm…this is a thought provoking post Miss Buter.

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