So I just really wanted to write a blog, but when I sat down to type nothing would come out. Probably because my brain feels like this:

It’s like there’s a fog over me and my thoughts or any intelligent thoughts for that matter are struggling to break through. Probably because I’m sick and it feels like my head is going to explode, but also I’ve been feeling burdened by a lot lately. It seems like there’s a lot going on around me in both people’s lives who I know well and even those I don’t know well.  So even though I have this haze over my brain, I think it’s also a little nudge saying…why not stop writing about it and trying to think about it and analyze it (which I take way too much time doing) and take some time to lift these people who are going through so much up. So that’s what I’ll be doing…

But for a lighter note I’ll leave you with this, that picture above is from my trip to Costa Rica this summer at the Volcano Poas and I also found this video. I didn’t take it because I was too scared to let go of the rope to hold the camera but I did do down that exact zip line right before him…so scary yet so fun!

I guess this turned into writing a blog…


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