Dillon is one of the students in our After-school Program. He’s five and so stinkin cute! Some things you learn about Dillon pretty quickly are that he can’t sit still, he likes to sing, dance, and drum and he loves his baby sister. He is always moving. He broke his arm earlier this year, but that didn’t stop him from playing or jumping off the stage regardless of the cast covering half his arm. I’m trying to intentionally find joy in each day and he brought me joy yesterday. Here is why (the end is the best):

If you can’t understand him he’s singing the song Boogie Fever from his favorite movie “Despicable Me”. When you ask him what it’s called he’ll say, “The Cookie Robot Song”! Check out more pictures of him and all the other little blessings in my life at the Harvest Hands Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Harvest-Hands-Community-Development-Corp/156150057760320

Notes like this bring joy to my life too. They help me keep going when I don’t always have the energy.


One thought on “Dillon.

  1. alright blogger.here is my comment :)i have spent the last 5 years watching you become this incredible person. you love these kids so much, even the little blessings 🙂 bless their hearts.you have a beautiful soul abby buter.keep this love going. it is this unending love that keeps more than just dillon smiling.

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