What I’m into…

In true form, I currently have three papers I could be working on and a discussion post to write, but I decided to write a blog instead. In the blogging world people have been posting about “What they’re into this summer” so I decided to join the club. So here’s a few things I’m into…

Traveling. This summer I took the longest road trip of my life going from Nashville to Michigan to Philly to Baltimore and back to Nashville by myself. It was something like 2,000 miles and a whole heck of a lot of toll money. It was a trip of sadness and grief because of the unexpected loss of my aunt, but also a reminder of the great community I have around me. I had many places to stop and people to see and friends who called to keep me company. I also went back to Michigan two times after that trip, once to visit my friend Lindsey in Grosse Pointe and another time for the wedding of my dear friends, Jake and Hannah and I’ll be back to MI at the end of August for family time. 


Some of, who I call my forever friends, at the wedding.

Music. I’m always into some type of music, this summer my tastes have ranged from the new Sara Barreilles, Justin Timberlake, The Avett Brothers, Mayer Hawthorne, The Piano Guys (great paper writing music) and I may be slightly obsessed with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. My friend Chelsea gave me their album when I left Michigan for Philly and I don’t know how many times I have listened to it. So good.

Not doing homework. As illustrated by this current blog post, I have had a hard time focusing on school work. It’s hard to do school in the summer! Summer is supposed to be fun.

Dresses. I may or may not have gone through a phase of buying five or six dresses and then I had to stop myself. It was becoming a problem. I just really like them and they were on sale and they are all super cute and I’ve worn them all a lot already. (see how I justify things in my head?)


One of my new dresses.

Smoothies. Summer means fresh fruits and they make great smoothies. I pretty much start every day with one.

Spending time with the kids. With the summer comes a little bit more flexibility to spend time with our students and I love it. I was able to see the elementary students a lot more and spend some good quality time with my high schoolers. 


One of my favorite little kiddos Dylan and Daija had a great photo-bomb.

Realizing life is hard and it’s okay. This has been a recurring theme this summer for me. I think more to come on this later, but I’ve been learning a lot of lessons and growing a lot this summer.

Fundraising and Development. I have gone through a job transition at work to become the Director of Communications and Development. I have the privilege of learning from a great teacher and I’ve also been taking lots of development classes from the Center for Nonprofit Management…I’m on my way to becoming an expert!

The Mindy Project. I watched the whole season and you should do. So ridiculously funny.



One thought on “What I’m into…

  1. Abby! First of all, you are just so awesome and I miss you!! Second, I totally feel you on that whole “it’s summer and summer is not for school thing”. I started my MSW program last summer and it took everything in me and some serious strength from God for me to finish my papers. I had several meltdowns and even almost dropped out of the program. I am glad I didn’t and now it is already over and I am an MSW! ….not that that is doing me any good at the moment. I just moved to Sioux City, IA with my husband in May and still have not found a job. Anyway, it is really nice to hear about what you are up to! Looks like God is doing some awesome things in your life right now! Good luck with those papers! I will say a pray for you! You can do it!! I love you! – Brooke “Lackey” Rosener

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