What Friendship Looks Like

I’ve been reminded lately of how beautiful friendship is. I’ve said it before, but some of the best evidence to me of God’s love are the people in my life. I really value friendship and think it’s one of the most beautiful things on earth.

You don’t have to be friends with people and it’s a choice to love someone. You never really make a covenant or a promise to your friends that you’ll be there, but you’re choosing to enter into their life, into their mess and to be present with them.

I’ve had a hard time in my life being fully known. I’ve always had a problem with perfectionism and wanting to be well liked by everyone. I’m really good at reading people and personalities so this has made me someone who can be the right person for whoever I’m with. This isn’t a bad thing when there’s balance and boundaries, but for me it’s caused me to forget who I am and only care that I was the perfect person for whoever I was around.

I’ve been unlearning this habit and learning how to stay true to who I am and just hope people still like me and if they don’t…that’s okay. I am so thankful for people who like me anyways and even when they see my insecurities and my mess they’re still there.

Because friendship doesn’t look perfect…because we’re not perfect.

Friendship looks like meeting a friend for lunch and asking how they’ve been and instead of automatically giving a “great and all is well” answer they honestly say, not good and trust you with their true feelings.

Friendship looks like a friend asking me to list everything I’m anxious about regarding a situation and rather than judge me they listen and respond with grace.

Friendship looks like texts full of inside jokes and pictures only those few people will understand.

Friendship looks like ten minute catch up calls whenever you have a free moment and hour long calls when you have a few free moments more.

Friendship looks like asking the hard questions and sitting with someone even in the unknown.

Friendship looks like binge watching shows on Netflix together or going on a Sonic run to fulfill your shake craving.

Friendship looks like responding with “awws” and “so cute” the 100th time I’ve shown a picture of my nephew rather than being annoyed.

Friendship looks like celebrating your friends victories, achievements and successes and sitting with them in their pain, grief and uncertainty.

Friendship really just looks like being there and showing up…most of the time it’s in those ordinary and messy moments where beauty thrives.

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